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The practical experience of the SLAT internship is a key component of certificate training. This page explains the expectations for students who take EALL, FREN, GER, LING or SPAN 406 (see course of study page for more information) and for their supervising teacher. (Most English SLAT students will take LT 437 for their practical training.)

Students who want to earn the SLAT certificate in more than one language must do an internship in each of the target languages.

Students do not need to find their own internships. Please contact the appropriate SLAT advisor to find out how to do an internship in language classes on the UO campus. For the English SLAT, the typical choice is to take LT 437. Supervised teaching or tutoring experiences abroad can also count if they meet certain criteria.

What is expected of the intern

  1. The intern will be present for 4-5 hours of class time a week.
  2. The intern will follow the direction of the supervising teacher in the classroom.
  3. The intern will arrive at least 5 minutes before the class begins to help set up and get direction from the supervising teacher.
  4. The structure of the internship (dates are approximate and may be adjusted to fit the schedule of the supervising teacher’s class):
    • For the first 2 weeks, the intern will observe. It is hoped that the intern will get a feel for the teacher’s style and method of teaching.
    • For the third through sixth week the intern will serve as a teacher’s aide. During this time period, the teacher will ask the intern to help in whatever way the teacher would find most helpful.
    • During the seventh and eighth week, the intern will plan and execute two to three lessons. The content of the lessons will be decided by the supervising teacher.

What is expected of the supervising teacher

  1. The teacher will meet the intern out of class at least three times. The first time will be during the first week of classes to get to know the intern and give them some information about the course. The second time will be to discuss the lessons that the intern will give in the seventh and eighth weeks. The third time will be to give the intern feedback on his/her teaching.
  2. The teacher will make clear what the intern is to do in the classroom to serve as a teacher’s aide.
  3. The teacher will determine the substance of the intern’s lesson and offer some suggestions for the lesson plans.
  4. The teacher will provide the intern with oral feedback on the teaching sessions.
  5. The teacher will provide an evaluation of the intern’s performance to the instructor of record of the EALL, FREN, GER, SPAN 406 course, using the form provided.
  6. The teacher will evaluate the intern’s performance on the following form, show the evaluation to the intern, and turn it in to the SLAT advisor by the end of the ninth week.