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Mapping out the SLAT curriculum

This page offers information on how to plan English SLAT coursework based on typical availability and prerequisites. For other languages, see the relevant departmental webpages (East Asian Languages, German and Scandinavian, Romance Languages) for the language-specific courses described in the course of study page. As always, consult a SLAT advisor for the definitive information.

Courses for the English SLAT are generally available on the following schedule. Be aware that each year the schedule is subject to change, so individual courses may not be offered in the same terms every year. You should confirm the term-by-term schedule in the UO Course Schedule and with a SLAT advisor before you count on your plan working out.

English SLAT typical course availability:

Course Summer Fall  Winter   Spring 
LING 150* Structure of English Words X (online) X X X
LING 444 Second Language Acquisition X (online) X    
LING 494* English Grammar     X  
LT 428 Teaching Culture & Literature   X    
LT 435 Design for Language Learning     X  
LT 436 Design for Language Learning Systems   X    

Internship credits: LT 437* in Spring (recommended) or LT 406 other terms

      X (LT 437)
LT 439 (can sub for LT 441) Design for Language Learning Pronunciation       X
LT 449 Measuring Language Ability       X

* For SLAT in languages other than English, substitute language-specific courses for the classes marked with *. Check departmental webpages for availability.

Example sequence

The SLAT certificate program consists of seven required courses, which typically need to be taken over at least 4 terms. Each student can make up their own sequence according to their scheduling needs and depending on course availability. The scenario below is based on availability in the 2024-2025 academic year; subsequent years may differ.

Sample progression for English SLAT: 

Summer  Fall Winter Spring Fall 

LING 444

LT 428

LT 435

LING 494

LING 150

LT 437

LT 436

Notes on specific courses

The comments below apply to the English SLAT. Check with the appropriate department (East Asian Languages and Literatures for Japanese and Chinese, German and Scandinavian for German SLAT, Romance Languages for Spanish and French SLAT).

  • LT 439, Design for Learning Language Pronunciation (Spring term) is an alternate to LT 441, Teaching English Pronunciation. LT 439 applies to any language, including English. Either LT 441 or LT 439 can count towards the English SLAT, and LT 439 may possibly count as an elective for the other SLAT languages.
  • LING 150 can be taken anytime and some students may have already taken it earlier in their academic careers. LING 150 is offered both online and in person each term.
  • LT 436 (fall term) and LT 437 are the only classes that have prerequisites. LT 436 should ideally be taken after LT 435, and LT 437 should ideally be taken concurrently with or after LT 436. Exceptions are occasionally made.
  • Sometimes substitutions can be made for the SLAT courses listed above. Talk to your SLAT advisor.

To enroll in a class with a concurrent prerequisite:

  1. Enroll for the first class (Duckweb will reject your attempts to enroll for the second class, as you will not have completed the prerequisite).
  2. Request permission from your SLAT Advisor to add the second class.
  3. You will be notified when the SLAT Advisor has arranged for you to add the class without the prerequisite, after which you go to Duckweb and add the second class.