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University of Oregon

Apply for SLAT

There are no admission requirements for the SLAT certificate program. The certificate is awarded upon completion of the course requirements, with the following conditions:

  • International students whose first language is not English will be required to document a TOEFL score of 550 (old system) or 213 (new system), or to complete the required sequence of Academic English for International Students (AEIS) courses.
  • The certificate is an add-on to a Bachelor’s degree. Therefore students interested in obtaining the SLAT certificate must either already hold a Bachelor’s degree or be working toward one.
  • If the student is working toward the Bachelor’s degree, the certificate can be awarded only upon completion of the Bachelor’s degree.

Apply for the certificate when you apply for graduation:

  • Confirm with your advisor that all certificate requirements will have been completed on schedule.
  • File an on-line application (DuckWeb).
  • In your DuckWeb graduation application, indicate that you are applying for the certificate by selecting “Second Language Acquisition and Teaching”.

Students interested in earning the undergraduate SLAT certificate should talk with a certificate advisor. Together, the student and advisor will fill out an advising form to track progress in the certificate.

You can get a certificate in more than one language by completing the language-specific course requirements and a separate internship for each language.

If you already hold an undergraduate degree and want to pursue the SLAT certificate, you first need to gain admission to the university at postbaccalaureate undergraduate level . Note that the deadline for the postbaccalaureate undergraduate admissions is usually a month before the beginning of the term. For more information about postbaccalaureate admissions visit the following website:

NOTE: graduate and postbaccalaureate SLAT students cannot apply for SLAT electronically and need to go to the Registrat’s office to manually fill out a certificate request form, which will be forwarded to the SLAT Director for clearance.